buildingflash gordon, m.d. has practiced medicine in Marin County since 1990, having been the Medical Director of the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic and the Chief of the Medical Staff, including Detox, Womens' Needs, Rock Medicine and the Medical Section . He previously practiced  Emergency Medicine in both academic and community settings. Now, he focuses on preventive medicine (including coronary artery disease prevention, asthma, smoking cessation, weight loss and cancer risk reduction) as well as acute care, with a special interest in diagnostic problems.

Dr. gordon currently accepts most PPO insurances, and currently accepts Medicare as well, though he is not a Medi-Cal provider. Self-pay patients are welcome, and he treats all patients in a manner mindful of financial constraints.

Dr. gordon tries to leave an opening or two in most days' schedules for established patients with urgent problems. This can help avoid long delays at urgent care centers and emergency rooms. Physical exams, follow-up visits, routine appointments, risk reduction counseling and less urgent problems are scheduled in advance.